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If you walk into a shop selling loudspeakers and they immediately ask you 'what kind of music do you listen to?' - and - you are looking for 'high fidelity' speakers - you would be best to say 'thank you, I'm in the wrong place' - and leave!

'High Fidelity' means 'high faithfulness' - faithfulness to what? - to the original signal.! A real high fidelity speaker will play ANY signal according to what the original signal was - classical music, jazz, pop, bird calls, train whistles, news broadcasts, dynamite blasts, WHATEVER!!!

So there is NO 'high fidelity' speaker that is a 'jazz music' speaker, 'folk music' speaker, etc.!!! An excellent high fidelity speaker will reproduce ALL signals CORRECTLY - as per the 'Original Source.' It is NOT the function of a speaker (or an amplifier) to have any particular sound of its own! Anytime you hear someone describing a piece of equipment as 'warm' sounding, etc. you can hope they are referring actually to the original recording - NOT the speaker or amp!

In actual fact, a large number of speakers seem to be designed and manufactured as NON 'high fidelity' speakers. Extra 'phony, artificial' bass is seemingly deliberately added to the mid-bass range (80- 125 Hz) - probably so that quick shop listening will make almost any source sound like it has bass - and 'impress' the listener and close a fast deal. (This unnatural bass not only causes real physical 'headaches' but also camouflages upper frequencies and 'separation and detail.')

It also is so that very often upper frequency response areas have enough peaks and valleys so that these speaker are not high fidelity in those areas either. In these cases - one speaker may be more suited to jazz than classical or piano - or whatever - depending on how BADLY the respective speakers make their mistakes! So - yes - brand 'A' may be better for 'jazz' than 'classical' - because it doesn't sound as BAD on that kind of music - and another speaker - Brand 'B' - that has different faults may sound better on OTHER music. A real 'high fidelity' speaker will play a great recording so that the recording does indeed sound 'wonderful' - but also will play a BAD recording so that recording will sound bad, as it should! Speakers CANNOT correct BAD recordings! Nor can they correct BAD rooms. (There is always that one in a million chance that bad (non-high fidelity) speakers will just happen to compensate for bad recordings and/or bad rooms with ONE particular song or piece of a sound track - but don't try for TWO!)

If you are interested in getting the ORIGINAL SOURCE, please realize that an excellent speaker should be NEUTRAL as to what 'kind' of music is being played - we think the Acoustics of Finland speakers meet this criterion.

Come have a listen!


Acoustics of Finland Loudspeakers




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