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Kirje Tekniikan Maailmalle - Letter to Tekniikan Maailma - Click for larger image

Letter - in English


The NAD 7225PE and 7240PE - Stereo AND HT2.0!


Home Theater HT 2.0!

'Home theater' is a term that simply means watching films at home.

Unfortunately it has become a term which many think MUST also mean rear surrounds, subwoofers, center channels, etc.

Certainly if one would be able to have a superb surround processor combined with 5-6 excellent, accurate speakers - both money- and space-wise - then fine.

But many have limited budgets and limited space - but also believe the principles of high fidelity must NOT be sacrificed. And they want to enjoy BOTH films AND music.

These people should definitely consider going for Home Theater 2.0 - and all that means is having an excellent hi-fi amplifier or receiver and an excellent pair of speakers.

A DVD can easily be connected - using the 'stereo out' outputs on the DVD player and going to the amplifier or receiver via 'aux' or 'video' or any 'line input.' The TV is connected to the DVD and the TV sound should, of course, be turned OFF.

One can read many discussions of which amplifier or receiver is best for film watching - and which for music, This is total nonsense. Sound tracks should be just as accurately reproduced as music. It's true that many sound tracks are nothing special - but also many are excellent and we should be able to enjoy them in full fidelity. And even for 'ordinary' sound tracks, HIGH fidelity improves enjoyment immeasurably.

When one takes 'X' amount of money and tries to get 6 channels of excellent sound reproduction , there is a great danger of getting six channels of poor sound - especially as one also has to buy six speakers. Beyond that, there is also the question of adequate space and positioning of 6 channels.

And then what is the situation where one wants to listen to music with this equipment? Unfortunately, many find too late that the resulting reproduction is not good - and that also the rear channels are a waste or even worse- result in a very artificial sound - and when they turn off the rear they find they are back to 2-channel anyhow - and the 2 channels they have are nowhere near as good as if they had put their money into a 2 channel system to begin with.

The solution we propose is an NAD amplifier (NAD 3220PE) or receiver (NAD 7225PE/NAD7240PE) and a pair of Acoustics of Finland AF-2 speakers; a total price of 900-1100 Euros.

The result will be that you have true HIGH-FIDELITY sound reproduction - both with regard to the amplifier and the speakers. Music will be as good as the original recordings - and sound tracks will have natural sounding voices, sound effects and sound track music. Bass frequencies of even 36 Hertz will come thru (-6 dB) - the AF-2 goes lower than most speakers on the market of ANY size and at ANY price! A subwoofer will hardly be 'needed' - and in many cases a subwoofer will just add muddy bass indiscriminately and camouflage the real sound.

You will also have the possibility to hook up an LP turntable , CD player (remember - a DVD player will also play CD's!), a cassette deck - and with a receiver you also have FM and AM. And you can listen to your TV programs with a new fidelity - and, of course, your VCR.

Remember - the origin of the word 'stereo' is from the Greek word for 'solid' - so if you have a good recording - either music or film - the WHOLE FRONT of your room will be the sound stage - voices recorded in the center will come from the center - and recorded left will come from the left, etc. And your room will add a natural ambience as the front sounds reflect off side and back walls.

Come on in - and have a listen - and we think you'll agree that 2 times quality is real quality - and 6 times zero is still zero. :-)


PS - We got a call from the UK the other day - the chap said he saw we had 'high fidelity speakers' - but did we also have any 'home entertainment speakers?' - this should make it rather clear what kind of a scam Tokyo is trying!





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